GEOL 270 Field Study in Geology:


MAY 11-24, 2003

Led by Professors Jim Reynolds, Robert Bauslaugh, and Anne Chapin  

Program Notes

May 11    Departure day; fly to Rome.


May 12 Arrive in Rome; head out to the Colosseum. 

Night in Rome at the Hotel Alpi.


May 13 Rome: Roman forum, Imperial fora, Palatine Hill, Capitoline Hill, and the Pantheon. 

Night in Rome at the Hotel Alpi.


May 14

Rome. Morning: Vatican Museum and St. Peter's. 

Afternoon: Sta. Domitilla's Catacomb.  

Night in Rome at the Hotel Alpi


May 15 Pompeii: Bus to Pompeii; afternoon visit Pompeii.

Night in Pompeii at the Hotel Forum.


May 16

Morning: Bus tour of the north side of the Bay of Naples: visit the Phlaegrean Fields (Campi Flegrei), the Solfatara Volcano, the Museum of the Phlaegrean Fields at the Castle of Baia, Roman amphitheater at Puteoli, and Cumae.

Night in Pompeii at the Hotel Forum.


May 17

Morning: Visit Roman villa at Oplontis, the Villa of the Papyri, and Herculaneum.

Afternoon: Naples Archaeological Museum.

Night train to Milazzo, Sicily.


May 18 Afternoon hydrofoil to Stromboli; upon arrival, climb volcano (bring flashlights!). 

Night at the Hotel Villaggio Stromboli


May 19 Morning hydrofoil to Lipari; visit archaeological museum, obsidian fields, volcanic formations.

Night in Hotel Villa Augustus.


May 20 Morning hydrofoil to Milazzo, Sicily; bus to Mt. Etna.

Afternoon: visit Greek Theater in Taormina.

Night in Hotel Villa Esperia, Taormina, Sicily


May 21

Morning: bus to Syracuse, visit Greek theater, Cathedral and Museo Arch. Regionale in the morning and early afternoon.

Afternoon: Catacombs of S. Giovanni; and geological tour of area. 

Night in Relax Hotel, Syracuse, Sicily


May 22

Agrigento: Morning: Visit Morgantina and Roman villa at Piazza Armerina

Afternoon: Visit Agrigento, Valley of Temples and museum

Night in Akrabello Hotel, Agrigento, Sicily


May 23 Palermo: Bus to Selinus, Cave di Cusa and Segesta; continue bus tour to Palermo.

Night in Hotel Athenaeum, Palermo, Sicily.


May 24 Return flights from Palermo - Rome - home (?)



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