Day 2 Fotos* from the Hill of the Muses in Athens

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This was our first view of the Acropolis as we walked from the hotel around the base to the Hill of the Muses.


Athens has a real smog problem because it sits in a basin and is surrounded by mountains except where it opens to the Aegean Sea. This would be considered to be a clear day by most locals. Near the center of the foto is the Temple of Hephaestus.


The Parthenon has a commanding view over the south side of the city to the sea.


This is the view to the south toward Piraeus, the port.


The brilliant white Pentelic marble of the Acropolis really stands out in the sunlight. Most of the marble used in the buildings came from the mountains to the north of the city.


As the sun lowered in the sky, detail of the Parthenon became more acute. We were all hungry so we walked back toward the hotel and stopped for dinner at a small restaurant.


*In my effort to make English a fonetic language, I am trying to avoid using the ph construction. It's a small first step but English would be a lot easier to learn if it were easier to spell. Old habits, however, die hard. You will probably find the ph form in some of these captions.



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