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JR's Journal

In the July and August Semester of 2005, Todd Fredericksen, from Ferrum College, Carmen McEvoy, from the University of the South, and I took 14 students on a west to east traverse across South America at subtropical latitudes.

We had a bunch of adventures getting to our traverse's starting point at Antofagasta, Chile on the Pacific coast. From there, we headed eastward through the Atacama Desert and then across the Andes into Argentina. We explored the rain-shadow desert and eastern foothills of the Andes before crossing the broad savanna region known as the Chaco which covers northeastern Argentina and northwestern Paraguay, as well as southeastern Bolivia. We then crossed the low rolling hill country and dry forest region of Paraguay and crossed into southern Brazil to visit Iguazú Falls. Throughout the trip, we paid attention to how the geological/tectonic development of this part of South America establishes the base for the numerous different ecosystems through which we passed.

I would like to thank Denise Poole and Jennifer Eppley for quickly reading my scrawled journal and keying that mess into the computer less thana monthafter my return.

Clicking in any of the boxes of the calendar below will take to the journal entry. Most days will eventually  include some photos.

July-August 2005






  July 30
Greer to Somewhere Over South America

July 31
Buenos Aires
August 1
Buenos Aires to Mendoza

August 2
Mendoza to Mendoza

August 3
Mendoza to Villa Unión

August 4
Villa Unión to Fiambalá

August 5
Fiambalá to Chañaral, Chile

August 6
Chañaral to San Pedro Atacama
August 7
San Pedro Atacama to the Argentine Puna

August 8
The Argentine Puna to Cafayate

August 9
Cafayate to Salta

August 10

August 11
August 12
Salta to Tartagal

August 13
Tartagal to Filadélfia, Paraguay

August 14
Filadélfia to Asunción
August 15
Asunción to Foz do Iguaçú, Brazil
August 16
Foz do Iguaçú to Somewhere Over South America
August 17
Somewhere Over South America
to Greer