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March 3-13, 2006

JR's Journal

I had visited Bolivia in 2001 and 2004 with people who were familiar with the country. I felt confident enough to try one of my own. Anne Chapin and Bob Bauslaugh were up for the challenge so we put together a GEOL 270/271 trip to Bolivia and Peru. None of us had been to Peru before but I was certain that my Bolivian friend and travel agent Rosse Mary Vargas Vilela would be able to make arrangements that were suitable for this kind of trip. In spite of the nearly continuous political turmoil that marks Bolivia's history and the election of the leftist-leaning administration of Evo Morales, Rosse Mary insured me that Bolivia had never been calmer. How right she was! And how incredibly capable she proved to be at providing our entire group with the experience of a lifetime. I hope you will enjoy the tale of our adventure and the fotos that accompany it.

I would like to thank Jennifer Epley for quickly keying my scrawled journal into the computer less than three weeks after my return.

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March 2006






March 3
Greer , SC to Somewhere over South America
March 4
La Paz, Bolivia
March 5
La Paz and Tiwanaku
March 6
La Paz to Isla del Sol
March 7
Isla del Sol to Copacabana
March 8
Copacabana to Somewhere on the Road to Cusco
March 9
Cusco and the Valle Sagrado
March 10
Machu Picchu
March 11
Cusco to Somewhere on the Road to La Paz in Peru
March 12
Somewhere in Peru to La Paz

March 13
La Paz to Brevard



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