Costa Rica Field Trip 2001

      This trip was the field component to GEOL 270/370 (Field Study in Geology and Ecology). This year the course was titled "The Geology and Ecology of Costa Rican Volcanoes". Throughout the semester we held weekly two-hour meetings. Students researched some aspect of the ecosystems developed on the slopes of Costa Rica's volcanoes and gave Powerpoint presentations of their research. Twenty students participated in the first offering of the course.
     Our field trip took place between March 9-19, coinciding with the College's Spring Break. The class visited four volcanoes, went on a 27 km whitewater raft trip through virgin rain forest, visited other parts ofthe rain forest at different elevations, camped on the Caribbean coast, and snorkeled in a stressed Caribbean reef. In addition to the scientific aspects of the course, the students experienced a new culture and succeeded (mostly) at learning to communicate in a language other than their own.
     Upon returning to Brevard, the students began their final project: to develop the web pages that their names link to below. We hope you enjoy learning about our great adventure!


Jim Reynolds Margaret Brown

Student Participants
Susie Baer Sara Mitchell
Sarah Brinker Liz Mockbee
Jeremy Campbell Jenifer Morrow
Sarah Carpenter Chris Mulligan
Lauren Eversoll Todd Schaerer
Brian Hemel April Shamel
Rachel Jensen Lindsay Shields
Palmer Lamb Molly Smith
Tami Manella Mike Williams
Jof Mehaffey Wendy Worthington


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