Brevard College's Geology and Archaeology of the Nile River Basin Field Trip



December 26, 2009 to January 5, 2010

JR's Journal

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to visit Egypt. My colleagues, Bob Bauslaugh and Anne Chapin had each been their several times. I found a fascinating itinerary with EF Tours that would take us to all of the places we and students would want to see on a first trip. Over a great grilled steak at their house last summer, we decided to do it.

Recruiting students, as usual, was a challenge. Everyone wanted to go but in the end, only 7 Brevard students signed up + one alumna, Monté Sorrells, + my daughter, Elena, + their son, Drew (formerly known as the Kid in the Red Hat) + 7 others who signed on after reading about the trip in a newspaper article. Our group size was 20. My friend, Lynne Gylani, at Tennessee Wesleyan University recruited 4 of her students and 6 friends to bring a group of 11. Three others, from Grosmont College, in San Diego, led by Gwenyth Mapes, rounded out our tour group. We were led throughout the trip by the phenomenal Hala Abd El Rahman, an energetic and experienced Egyptian guide contracted by EF Tours.

This is the story of our trip, from my point of view. We had a great group of people:
Robert Bauslaugh
Brevard College
Anne Chapin
Brevard College Faculty
Jim Reynolds
Brevard College
Hunter Boyd
Brevard Student
Brian Burgess
Brevard Student
Clint Dewitt
Brevard Student
Curt Lorenz
Brevard Student
Mark Migliore
Brevard Student
Dean Mobley
Brevard Student
Chelsea Shew
Brevard Student
Monté Sorrells
Brevard Alumna
Drew Chapin
Faculty Kid
Elena Reynolds
Faculty Kid
Ryann Capps
College of Charleston Student
Gemma Dove
Univ. of Tennesse
e Student
Mick Dove
Canton, NC
Al Finch
Mount Pleasant, SC
Kaye Finch
Mount Pleasant, SC
Suzanne Wright
Birmingham, AL
Mary Ann Turner
Richmond, VA

and, of course,
Hala Abd al Rahman

I would like to thank Nina Willis for quickly keying my scrawled journal into the computer less than three weeks after my return.

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December 2009-January 2010






December 26
Brevard to Frankfurt

December 27
 Frankfurt to Cairo
December 28
Cairo to Luxor
December 29
Around Luxor and Cruising to Edfu
December 30
Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Cruising to Aswan
December 31
Aswan and Abu Simbel
January 1
Aswan to Cairo
January 2
Around Cairo: the Pyramids
January 3
Around Cairo: Sakkara
January 4
Cairo to Frankfurt
January 5
Frankfurt to Brevard