Geology Minor Requirements      20 Semester Hours

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Students learn about igneous intrusions on the GEOL 101 field trip to the top of Whiteside Mountain near Cashiers, NC. JR (walking sticks) talks about the Taconic Orogeny. 450 million years ago the rocks of the mountain formed in a magma chamber deep beneath a volcano. (photo by Lee Whisnant) The GEOL 101L field trip to the Penrose Quarry in Penrose, NC gives students a peek a the mining industry. Here, quarry Quality Assurance expert, Joey Koon (red hard hat) talks about the day to day operation of the plant.

All Geology courses are 4-credit lab courses.

    Complete the following:
           GEOL 101  Physical Geology (Offered fall semesters.)
           GEOL 105  Historical Geology (Offered spring semesters.)
           GEOL 210  Mineralogy    (Next offered: Fall 2012.)

    Complete two of the following:
           GEOL 201  Environmental Geology (Next offered: Spring 2013.)

Environmental Geology (GEOL 201) Class Field Trip to the Charleston, SC area

GEOL 310  Structural Geology (Next offered: Fall 2011.)
GEOL 312  Geomorphology (Next offered: Spring 2012.)

Opportunities for graduate study

Environmental Geology (GEOL 201) students 
look at  destruction from Hurricane Hugo on 
Folly Island, near Charleston, SC during a class 
weekend field trip to examine coastal hazards.
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Opportunities for graduate study:
        Students interested in Geology as a career should prepare themselves for graduate study toward a Master's degree. Up front, most programs require a major in Geology but, in reality, many will accept top students who have minored in Geology and who have completed the following courses in addition to the six courses listed above:

            MAT 211 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
            MAT 221 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
            CHE 103  Principles of Chemistry I
            CHE 104  Principles of Chemistry II
            PHYS 201 Physics I
            PHYS 202 Physics II
            Completion of an accredited Geology field camp (such as the University of North Carolina Field Camp)

        Students interested in careers in Environmental Geology, Paleontology, and Petroleum Geology should consider taking:

            BIO 110 Principles of Biology I
            BIO 120 Principles of Biology II

        Usually, the graduate program will require incoming students to complete the major with undergraduate courses in:

            Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology
            Sedimentation & Stratigraphy

Students will often receive graduate credit upon successful completion of these upper-level undergraduate courses.