"New Year's at the End of the World"
Tentative Itinerary
Jim's Journal

Trip Leaders:     Jim Reynolds, Brevard College, Brevard, NC 28712;  reynoljh@brevard.edu
                                                                 (Phone: 828-883-8292) 
                                                    Dottie Stout (Deceased August 26, 2001) 

Travel Arrangements: SumajKay Travel Agency, Salta, Argentina, sumajkay@arnet.com.ar 
                                                      (Phone: 011-54-387-431-6101) 

For More Details: Contact Edna Collis, ecollis@geosociety.org (Phone 1-800-472-1988 ext. 1034). 

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There will undoubtedly be frequent updates to the itinerary as the departure date draws near. Check back here often! 

UPDATE (12/20): It's always something at the last minute! You've undoubtedly heard of Argentina's problems. Angel assures us that the unrest is localized in Buenos Aires and a few other larger northern cities. Patagonia, as usual, is calm (except for the wind). We decided that we will change hotels in Buenos Aires to move a little farther from where the action took place over the past several days. It may not be safe to wander the streets too much so we'll hole up in the hotel, rest, and probably have a glass or two of wine. Our soirée at the tango club may also have to be cancelled. I view today's resignation of the President as a good thing that should instill calm; so we'll have to see what it's like when we get there before deciding whether to tango or not. 
UPDATE (11/25): The times of our flights on Aerolineas Argentinas have changed but the dates are not affected.
UPDATE (10/2): The names of the remaining hotels were added.
UPDATE (8/23): Several updates of hotels and overnight locations were added.
UPDATE (6/15): Click here to see a map of our route. 
                            West Coast travelers: please note that you will now fly from LAX to Miami and on to Buenos Aires.
UPDATE (5/22): Due to pricing structure changes, our East Coast point of origin has changed from Atlanta to Miami.

Date From To Activities
December 26
Night #1
Los Angeles/Miami Airborne between Miami & Buenos Aires Travelers from the west coast will depart from Los Angeles (LAX) and fly to Miami on American Airlines where they will meet up with the east coast group. The entire group will then fly on American to Buenos Aires. I don't pretend to understand airline pricing schemes but these were the lowest fares for travelers from both coasts.
December 27
Night #2
Buenos Aires, Argentina  Buenos Aires Mid morning arrival. Lunch will be at a well-known steakhouse across the street from the hotel. Rest and/or explore the city center in the afternoon. The evening will be spent at a dinner and tango club. Note: Argentine dinners typically start around 10:00 PM. This will be a late night so get some rest in the afternoon: Bristol Hotel
December 28
Night #3
Buenos Aires Río Gallegos, 
Santa Cruz, Argentina
Morning (8:47), 4-hour flight to southern mainland Argentina. We will be met at the airport by the Sumaj Kay company and taken to our hotel. Hotel Santa Cruz.
December 29
Night #4
Río Gallegos   We'll drive southeastward to the Straits of Magellan at Cabo Virgenes, the southeasternmost corner of South America. The Cabo Virgenes penguin rookery is loaded with relatively fearless Magellenic Penguins. From there, we'll continue to dodge guanacos and rheas as we cross the Patagonian pampas back to Río Gallegos. If time permits, we'll visit a shipwreck at the mouth of the river: Hotel Santa Cruz.
December 30
Night #5
Río Gallegos El Calafate After driving to El Calafate in the morning, we'll spend the afternoon in front of the Perito Moreno glacier watching huge icebergs calve into Lago Argentino.  We'll return to El Calafate for the night. Hotel Apart Libertador.
December 31
Night #6
El Calafate   We'll take a day-long boat ride on Lago Argentino back to the Upsala Glacier in the heart of the Andes. We'll also visit Iceberg Bay and pass numerous icebergs floating in the lake. Night in El Calafate. Hotel Apart Libertador.
January 1
Night #7
El Calafate  Puerto Natales, Chile Crossing the Andes through a low pass, we'll spend the afternoon exploring the southern base of Torres del Paine National Park. Because of the holiday season, all but the most expensive hotels in the park are booked so we will spend the night in Puerto Natales: Hotel Glaciares.
January 2
Night #8
Puerto Natales   In the morning, we'll return to the park. The loop road northward in the park provides vistas of the Patagonian Ice Sheet which prohibits land access from southern to northern Chile except by crossing into Argentina. Hotel Glaciares.
January 3
Night #9
Puerto Natales   A day long boat ride through the Ultima Esperanza Sound, a fjord carved back into the Andes. Hotel Glaciares.
January 4
Night #10
Puerto Natales Punta Arenas Exploration of Skyring and Otway Sounds and the west side of the Brunswick Peninsula along the Straits of Magellan. Hotel Austral.
January 5
Night #11
Punta Arenas Either Río Grande or Lago Yehuín, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina We'll take the morning ferry across the Straits of Magellan to Porvenir, the provincial capital of Chilean Tierra del Fuego. From there, we'll head eastward along the north shore of Bahía Inútil to the border crossing at San Sebastián. After lunch we'll head southward out of the pampas and into the transition zone between forest and grassland to spend the night at the Hostería Petrel, situated on Lago Escondido, nestled in the Cordillera Darwin.
January 6
Night #12
Either Río Grande or Lago Yehuín, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Ushuaia In the morning we'll drive southward through the Cordillera Darwin to Estancia Harberton, stopping near Lago Fagnano to see evidence of recent fault motion. Then, we'll head westward along the north shore of the Beagle Channel to Ushuaia. Hotel Canal Beagle.
January 7
Night #13
Ushuaia   Beagle Channel boat ride, a visit to Tierra del Fuego National Park, and an optional  hike to the Marital Glacier in the Cordillera Darwin overlooking the city. Hotel Canal Beagle.
January 8
Night #14
Ushuaia   Further exploration of the Ushuaia-Beagle Channel area. Hotel Canal Beagle.
January 9
Night #15
Ushuaia Airborne between
Buenos Aires & Miami
In the morning (10:48), we'll fly to Buenos Aires. We'll probably have a few hours to spend in the city in the afternoon before we head out to Ezeiza International Airport for our return to our destinations in the U. S.
January 10th Miami  Home Again!!! After an early morning arrival in Miami, we'll bid each other a final farewell.

The trip route: After a night on the plane and a night in Buenos Aires, 
we'll fly to Río Gallegos. The black dots are hotel locations; the numbers 
correspond to the nights of the trip. The red line marks the planned route 
of travel. Downloading this image into your graphics program will give
you more detail.


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